Web application for calculating the capability of manufacturing processes

Web application based on ASP.NET for calculating the parameters of competence of manufacturing processes in a metallurgical plant. The continued production is generating sets of a vast amount of data. The system carries out their statistical evaluations so that the results are an indicator of performance of commercial contracts, as well as the basis for planned repairs of production equipment.

U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.


Web application for automate billing

Web application for the German company – automate billing customers for ordered products and services. Automatically monitors the status of all orders, acquires data from external sources like Google Adwords, generates and sends reports and invoices to the customers in real time according to configurations. Vaadin platform used on database Oracle 11g.



Web services for data transmission from the emission stations

Web services in ASP.NET and communication modules, regularly transmitting data from the emission monitoring stations for the needs of an environmental information system published daily, monthly and annual on emissions and providing an overview of indicator areas: water, waste and air.

U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.


Electricity credit payment system

Remote monitoring of power consumption, switching on/off of energy meter according to credit balance. Access anytime anywhere. Exporting and notifications about consumption data.

Transtech s.r.o.


iPhone mobile application

bCashCoach App is a tool for busy parents teaching their kids healthy cash habits together with eco+logical awareness and care for our planet. Using bCashCoach App parents set up a virtual bank accounts and money earned by kids literally fly right there. bCashCoach App uses a fantasy currency of bee-Money (bMoney) and parents can set an appropriate exchange rate to dollar.



Electronic bidding system

Web application used for recording of contacts, creating price quotations and monitoring of turnover.

ECLISSE Slovakia, s.r.o.

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Recent projects

Our recently realized projects for customers:

DufPerf – web application for automate billing

Production planning and efficient use of working time

Adaptation of Liferay open source portal