Company name: Bytový podnik mesta Košice, municipal property management company.

The company offers management of apartment buildings, currently for more than 8100 apartments.


The company regularly made flat-rate payments for the consumption of electricity, which was settled by the provider of electricity at the end of the year. Individual tenants were also required to make regular flat-rate payments to the management company, the amount of the payment was determined based its usage over the previous period. In the case of non-payment of balances by tenants, they had to be enforced by the management company.


A credit system of payment for electricity. The tenants pay a sum on the basis of which they acquire credit – a specific amount of kWh they are entitled to consume. After consumption of the indicated amount, the electricity supply is interrupted.

Activities are organized by dispatchers who accept credit payments and enter them into the system using a web portal that communicates with the distributor of electricity and special meters.

Improvement / Results:

  • remote monitoring of consumption of electrical energy
  • remote reading of electricity consumption
  • turning the electrical meter on / off based on the state of credit
  • access anytime, anywhere
  • export of consumption data
  • notification of consumption data

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